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BrandBalance CBD
PictureNordic Oil CBD
ProductCBD Oil 1000mg
CBD content1000 mg
Extraction method
Carrier oilcoconut oil
ShippingFree on all products
Delivery3-5 business days
Customer carePhone support
9am-5pm PST

Email support
[email protected]
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Reviews for Balance CBD

This product is good

4.0 rating
September 27, 2020

This product is good, not great but good at reducing most of my pain. I’ve had another product that actually took all my pain away but i can’t afford it.


It worked pretty decently …

4.0 rating
September 25, 2020

It worked pretty decently within the first couple days. I dont know if i was otherthinking it or not, but i swear it stopped working for me. Maybe i need a stronger dose?


My brother has been using CBD …

4.0 rating
September 24, 2020

My brother has been using CBD and he’s been trying to push it on me. I decided to try it when i started to train for a marathon. It helps me recover. My aching muscles have never felt better.

4.0 rating
4 out of 5 stars (based on 3 reviews)
Very good100%

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