Prostate Cancer Awareness


Gentlemen! Be aware of prostate cancer. Don’t ignore your health.
Prostate cancer is a complex global public health problem affecting the male population worldwide. Therefore men should be aware of prostate health.
Prostate cancer is treatable and curable if diagnosed early. The analgesic properties and anti-androgenic effects of cannabinoids in treating prostate cancer are promising reports research. Most importantly, Cannabis or cannabinoid therapy could help reduce opioid consumption. Read more.

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CBD przy zaburzeniach erekcji


Erectile dysfunction affects over 15 million men worldwide, reports studies. ED is not only a result of aging but a consequence of an underlying physical problem. It is definitely treatable as long as men become more vocal about it and consult a urologist to discuss openly your sexual health. CBD oil could help alleviate symptoms but THC could be harmful. Read more.

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