CBD for back pain

CBD for back pain

Introduction Pain is a global problem. And back pain is the most common health concern for men, women, and sometimes children too. Occupation, obesity, faulty lifestyle, stress, and many other causes could lead to back ache. This article aims to share some insight into the use of CBD for back pain. We are quite familiar […]

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cbd for endometriosis

CBD for Endometriosis Pain Relief

We might as well call it the miracle cannabis compound. CBD has been praised by consumers and researchers1 due to its versatile usage when it comes to treating different conditions. Its application is particularly popular on conditions for which a cure or a cause has not yet been discovered, such as endometriosis. CBD is an […]

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cbd against pain

CBD for Different types of Pain

Cannabidiol (CBD) can be used to alleviate different types of pain. The compound has been known to effectively reduce inflammation, and overall discomfort associated with many health conditions. Studies on CBD oil and pain management have shown positive results, explaining the benefits of the compound when used as a pain relief1 Using cannabidiol for chronic […]

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CBD Oil for Diarrhea

Can CBD Help With Diarrhea, and if So, How? Diarrhea occurs by loose or watery stools that occur at least three times per day. While it’s usually temporary, about 5 percent of Americans suffer from chronic diarrhea, which is a type of diarrhea that may last for many weeks (1 ). Loperamide is among the […]

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Erectile dysfunction, Men's health, sexual disorders

How to use CBD oil for erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction affects over 15 million men worldwide, reports studies. ED is not only a result of aging but a consequence of an underlying physical problem. It is definitely treatable as long as men become more vocal about it and consult a urologist to discuss openly your sexual health. CBD oil could help alleviate symptoms but THC could be harmful. Read more.

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CBD oil side effects on Kidney

CBD oil side effects on kidneys

We see similarities between the side effects of CBD and the symptoms of kidney disease. But, there is no evidence so far to suggest that CBD has any adverse effect on kidney function.There are knowledge gaps about concluding the positive or negative effects of CBD on kidneys. The high demand for CBD products is because prescription medication, alternative treatments for managing CKD symptoms are limited.

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CBD for muscle spasms

CBD for Muscle spasms

Muscle spasm, a debilitating pain could affect anyone. It could be a sports injury or sometimes a symptom of neurological condition. Traditional medications are ineffective and come with dangerous side effects. People are eager to try medicinal cannabis therapies for relief from pain and stress. Learn more.

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Shingles or herpes zoster

CBD oil for shingles

The incidence of Shingles affecting elderly population is increasing. Studies call for prompt intervention to address this growing number, failure of current traditional approaches to treat the condition as well as the mounting economic burden of the disease. The role of cbd as an adjunct therapy in shingles and postherpetic neuralgia needs more attention.

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CBDA vs CBD – Full Overview

CBDA the compound present in hemp seed oil shows promising therapeutic potential. Although CBD and CBDA have similar biological properties, their therapeutic effects are diverse.
For example, CBDA’s efficacy in inhibiting breast cancer cell migration and in treating anticipatory nausea are encouraging. Read the entire article to know more about CBDA Vs CBD.

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THC in trichomes


Knowing about THC and THCA uncovers its possible therapeutic values. They originate from the same mother compound CBG but exhibit different properties.

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5 CBD Facts You Need to Know

CBD is an acronym for Cannabidiol. A compound constituent found in hemp and cannabis. When the CBD is extracted from the hemp plant it contains negligible or no THC. Because it lacks the intoxicating and addictive effects associated with other cannabis compounds such as Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), it is legal, sold and used in many countries […]

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cbd for dogs

CBD Oil for Dogs: Can CBD oil help my dog?

CBD oil for dogs can be used as an alternative medication for dogs that suffer from ailments such as seizures, anxiety, stress, arthritis, back pain, gastrointestinal issues or cancer symptoms among other diseases. Dr.Adam Christman, an award-winning veterinarian and a board member of the New Jersey Veterinary Medical Association in an interview stated that CBD oil can he effective when relieving dogs’ anxiety, cause by fireworks, for example.

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CBD and Aspirin

Does CBD interfere with aspirin or other antiplatelets? Aspirin may help certain people reduce their chance of suffering a stroke or heart attack. But, the antiplatelet may cause serious bleeding, according to a study published by University of Michigan Health System (UMHS) (1 ). The results of a study from 2012 research that was published […]

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CBD Dosage

Epidiolex is the only CBD product that has been approved from FDA. US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) (1). Other CBD-containing products has not been officially acknowledged by the FDA and does not have any dosing guidelines. The ideal amount of CBD to meet a person’s needs is determined by the body’s chemistry, weight and […]

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CBD Oil and Morning Sickness

Can CBD aid in easing morning sickness? The results of a study from 2011 study that was released in British Journal of Pharmacology discovered the antiemetic properties of cannabinoids when confronted with an atoxic test. Cannabidiol (CBD) is the most prominent non-psychoactive component found in cannabis, was proven to reduce nausea and vomiting in the […]

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cbd for cats

CBD Oil for Cats: All You Need to Know

Chances are that you have heard of the conclusions, formed by studies on CBD, stating that it helps to alleviate symptoms associated with anxiety and depression1, reduce pain2 and that it could potentially assist with cancer treatments3. What you may not know is that CBD oil may have similar positive effects on your cat4. As […]

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cbd tmj

CBD for Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ)

Pain can be debilitating and painful disorders like Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ) can have a major impact on how you live your life.Cannabidiol (CBD) is a fast-growing and highly effective treatment for TMJ and other sources of pain. There’s a growing body of medical research supporting its effectiveness. It’s simple to use, it’s non-psychotropic so […]

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