CBD Oil and Pregnancy

Can CBD aid in the process of pregnancy? The results of a 1986 study, that was published in International Journal of Andrology, suggest that either non-psychoactive forms of cannabidiol (CBD) as well as cannabinol (CBN) could cause issues in the reproduction system of male foetuses ( 1 ). To date there has not been a […]

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Pregnant woman working on laptop

CBD for Pregnancy

Research on CBD and its effect on expecting mothers and the fetus has so far been on animal models, and the results have been dosage-dependent. Studies on human pregnancy need to consider concurrent substance use, demography, and socio-economic factors. Why are expecting mothers considering CBD? Read more.

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cbd and lupus

CBD for Lupus: How to Use CBD to Treat Lupus

Lupus is an autoimmune disease that causes the body’s immune system to attack its organs and tissues. The most obvious symptom of this disease is inflammation, often affecting the joints, kidneys, brain, blood cells, lungs, and heart. A facial rash also develops, which resembles the wings of a butterfly. Some people are born with lupus genes, which may be triggered by infections, sunlight, and other drugs. Could CBD help? Read more.

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CBD for Premenstrual syndrome (PMS)

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) can be quite uncomfortable due to the variety of symptoms associated with it, some of which generate severe discomforts capable of altering the daily life of women. Considering that it occurs every month and that its symptoms can extend up to several days, it is important to understand it well and know […]

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cbd for endometriosis

CBD for Endometriosis Pain Relief

We might as well call it the miracle cannabis compound. CBD has been praised by consumers and researchers1 due to its versatile usage when it comes to treating different conditions. Its application is particularly popular on conditions for which a cure or a cause has not yet been discovered, such as endometriosis. CBD is an […]

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CBD Oil for Skin Cancer

Why Use CBD for Skin Cancer? Skin cancer is one of the most common, most treatable, and yet also one of the deadliest types of cancer. It typically presents as a skin lesion that won’t heal and tends to keep growing and ulcerating indefinitely. When caught at an early stage, this cancer can often be […]

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CBD for thyroid disorders

CBD for Thyroid Disorders

In America, approximately 20 million people suffer from some kind of thyroid disorder, and close to 60 percent of the affected don’t know about their condition. According to the American Thyroid Association1 women are a lot more likely to experience thyroid problems than men. Doctors usually prescribe traditional medicines to people with thyroid problems. However, […]

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cbd for pcos

CBD for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

Would you consider cannabidiol as a possible treatment of the symptoms of PCOS? Success has been shown in CBD treating anxiety, pain, PMS, and sleep issues. CBD’s anxiolytic, non-psychoactive properties can potentially be beneficial for PCOS patients and help them feel calm and relaxed and improve their sleep quality. The occasional skipping of menstrual periods […]

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cbd and maternity

CBD and Maternity

It is often said that one can never be too careful when pregnant. Perhaps this is the major driving force behind the controversy surrounding the use of CBD during pregnancy. While pregnancy is one of the most remarkable experiences in a woman’s lifetime, it comes accompanied by numerous uncomfortable symptoms. These symptoms are both physical […]

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cbd menopause

CBD for Menopause

Menopause is a “change of life” phase that marks the end of a woman’s child-bearing ability.  It’s characterized by a lack of menstruation for over 12 months. Menopause is supposed to be naturally occurring with no identifiable physiological and biological changes. However, it can be induced. It mostly occurs between the ages of 40 to […]

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cbd for Migraines

CBD for Migraines

Common treatments for migraines are pharmaceutical painkillers, anti-emetics (to stop nausea), or triptans (triggering the brain to reverse migraines). According to some studies, CBD can be a promising treatment.

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