Your Guide to CBDA and CBD for Anxiety

Studies have shown that CBD can have an anxiolytic impact which means it reduces anxiety. CBD could help sufferers of anxiety disorders, and could be beneficial in helping to lessen anxiety that is associated with frequent stress-inducing situations. This article will provide you with all you should know about CBD to treat anxiety. Check out […]

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CBD for ADHD and ADD

Overview of ADD & ADHD ADD and ADHD are used to refer to a syndrome characterized by inattentiveness, restlessness, forgetfulness, hyperactivity, among other symptoms. ADD, or Attention Deficit Disorder has symptoms such as inattentiveness, poor memory, and distractibility. ADHD, or Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, refers to hyperactivity, impulsivity or excessive restlessness. Today, doctors use ADHD […]

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Erectile dysfunction, Men's health, sexual disorders

How to use CBD oil for erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction affects over 15 million men worldwide, reports studies. ED is not only a result of aging but a consequence of an underlying physical problem. It is definitely treatable as long as men become more vocal about it and consult a urologist to discuss openly your sexual health. CBD oil could help alleviate symptoms but THC could be harmful. Read more.

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cbd and focus

Can CBD Help You Focus?

First, let us attempt to completely understand what focus is. Paying particular attention to a specific task at a given point in time, the center of interest or activity, or simply an engrossed state of mind in a given task, etc, are some of the general synonyms of the word focus. But why do we […]

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Cbd for seasonal affective disorder

CBD for Seasonal Affective Disorder

Seasonal Affective Disorder is also known as SAD. According to the American Psychiatric Association, it is a form of depression when people undergo mood swings and low energy and experience symptoms similar to depression. The primary reason for such a condition is the lack of sunlight and predominantly occurs during fall or winter months. It’s […]

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cbd autism

CBD for Autism

According to the World Health Organization, 1 in 160 children has an autism spectrum disorder (ASD). As a result of the escalated number of children suffering from Autism, it is essential for parents to understand ASD. To date, clinical studies have not been able to come up with an exact type of treatment for ASD. […]

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cbd depression

CBD for Depression

For some years now, CBD has also been the subject of research and animal testing, as well as studies on humans to see how CBD could help with depression and anxiety disorders12 Most scientists agree that depression is caused by the reduction in the level of neurotransmitters in our brains such as dopamine and serotonin. […]

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CBD for PTSD – Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

How to Treat PTSD with CBD Life is a roller coaster ride. There are many turns that bring good and bad moments. Difficult and traumatic events have an impact on all of us. Although there are numerous reasons why a person can develop PTSD, the most common events that cause PTSD are war, sexual assault, or […]

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CBD for Anxiety

CBD For Anxiety

Excessive and unnecessary anxiety affects over 40 million individuals in the United States and can be very problematic to manage. In several studies concerning the use of CBD oil for anxiety, CBD appears to rise synaptic response in the brain with serotonin levels. While people don’t usually think of stress as desirable, it is a […]

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