A Patient’s Guide to CBD and Drug Interactions

Research has proven CBD as a secure substance, however, as with any new medication, you need to ensure that it doesn’t interfere with other drugs. Cannabidiol (CBD) can be an extremely well-known ingredient in hemp that has numerous health benefits, like decreasing inflammation and pain after exercise and easing insomnia and improvements in mood, focus […]

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Will lemon negate the benefits of cannabis?

The citrus fruits of lemon and others were traditionally utilized as an antidote for the effects of cannabis on the body. The reason for this is probably due to a terpene known as limonene. It’s one of the most commonly found terpenes in the natural world. It is the main ingredient in various citrus oils […]

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Will smoking cannabis give me the same benefits as using an oil?

As a doctor, people have often asked me if they can receive the same benefits from smoking cannabis, as from taking a cannabis oil Here is my answer The majority of people use the term “cannabis oil” to refer to a potent cannabis concentrate which is typically made using an organic solvent, like ethanol, and […]

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cbd side effects

CBD Oil side effects: The Complete Guide

CBD Oil: The New Miracle Drug? Once viewed with suspicion and even alarm, cannabidiol (CBD) oil has surged in popularity in recent years, with sales in the US doubling since 2017. With an estimated quarter of a million users in the US relying on CBD oil to treat a range of complaints, including chronic pain, […]

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cbd for dogs

CBD Oil for Dogs: Can CBD oil help my dog?

CBD oil for dogs can be used as an alternative medication for dogs that suffer from ailments such as seizures, anxiety, stress, arthritis, back pain, gastrointestinal issues or cancer symptoms among other diseases. Dr.Adam Christman, an award-winning veterinarian and a board member of the New Jersey Veterinary Medical Association in an interview stated that CBD oil can he effective when relieving dogs’ anxiety, cause by fireworks, for example.

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cannabis sativa plant

Cannabis Sativa – Your Guide To Sativa Strains

When grown outside, Cannabis Sativa plants can reach extraordinary heights of up to 20 feet. They have vegetation periods that are much longer than their Indica cousins. It can take a Sativa plant anywhere from 10 to 16 weeks to fully mature once it begins to flower. On the other hand, Indica strains are generally […]

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cbd and drug interactions

CBD and Drug Interactions

Yes, cannabis can interact with certain medications in positive and negative ways. CBD is generally safe to use but it is also known to have a few side effects.

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CBD for pets

CBD for Pets

Decades of research and study have shown irrefutable proof that cannabis contains medicinal properties1. This is the obvious reason why veterinarians are interested in using CBD oil for cats and dogs since both have an endocannabinoid system that is capable of processing CBD. Using CBD for pets is now widely legal and available in most […]

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