Is CBD legal in Washington

Is CBD legal in Washington?

CBD is legal in Washington, regardless of the source. CBD Hemp Oil was legalized in 2014 after the 2014 Farm Bill, a law that made hemp legal to cultivate, sell and use. In October 2019, Washington banned the sale of hemp-derived CBD in food and beverage products. CBD products which contains more than 0.3% THC […]

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Is CBD legal in Vermont

Is CBD legal in Vermont?

CBD derived from industrial hemp, which contains 0.3% THC or less is legal in Vermont. It is also legal to use hemp-derived CBD as an additive in food or beverages. Due to its low THC levels, adults can obtain CBD oil and products without a medical marijuana card or prescription. According to the Vermont hemp […]

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Is CBD legal in South Dakota

Is CBD legal in South Dakota?

In South Dakota, hemp-derived CBD is still illegal. South Dakota’s CBD laws are especially strict (even compared to Idaho or Indiana) but the state makes some exceptions for certain medical CBD products such as Epidiolex. Epidiolex is the only legal form of CBD in South Dakota. To be able to purchase it, it’s necessary to […]

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Is CBD legal in Rhode Island

Is CBD legal in Rhode Island?

The production and processing of industrial hemp was legalized for commercial purposes on January 1, 2017. In July 2019 Rhode Island authorized the sale of hemp-derived consumable CBD products containing 0.3% THC or less. It is prohibited to sell consumable CBD products to those under the age of 21. There are no CBD possession limits […]

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Is CBD legal in Pennsylvania

IS CBD legal in Pennsylvania?

In 2016 the production and farming from hemp-derived CBD was legalized, as long as the content of THC is or less than 0.3%. There are no limits on possession of hemp-derived CBD products in Pennsylvania and no need for a prescription or recommendation of a physician, unless the CBD contains marijuana. Is Cannabis legal in […]

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Is CBD legal in Ohio

Is CBD legal in Ohio?

CBD products derived from industrial hemp are legal in Ohio since 2019. Ohio’s bill set the standard for hemp versus marijuana at a 0.3% THC cutoff. In the state CBD is legal for use in food, dietary supplements, cosmetics, and personal care products, among other products. There are no possession limits for hemp-derived CBD, however […]

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Is CBD legal in North Dakota

Is CBD legal in North Dakota?

CBD products derived from industrial hemp are legal in North Dakota, as long as they contain 0.3% THC or less. If you want to be sure that the kind of CBD that you’re buying is the appropriate one, you must look at the third-party testing. Otherwise you can’t tell how much CBD the product contains. […]

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Is CBD legal in North Carolina

Is CBD legal in North Carolina?

All hemp-derived CBD products with less than 0.3% THC are permitted, as long as they are not prohibited by the Food and Drug Administration. How did CBD become legal? In North Carolina CBD which is produced from industrial hemp is legal to buy and possess, since 2014. The same year, House Bill 220 was signed […]

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Is CBD legal in New York

Is CBD legal in New York?

Hemp-derived CBD is legal in New York, and is widely available in retail stores as well as online. A recent regulation from October 2020 now states that CBD can even be added to food and beverages as long as none of them contains neither alcohol nor tobacco. In June 2019, a comprehensive regulatory framework surrounding […]

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Is CBD legal in New Mexico

Is CBD legal in New Mexico?

Hemp-derived CBD is legal in New Mexico, while marijuana-derived CBD is permitted for qualifying patients registered with the state’s medical marijuana program.  How did CBD become legal? New Mexico has legalized the production of hemp and products derived from it, including cannabidiol (CBD). In 2017 the legal standard for hemp at 0.3% or less THC […]

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Is CBD legal in New Jersey

Is CBD legal in New Jersey?

In the state of New Jersey hemp-derived CBD products are legal. Even CBD derived from marijuana plants is legal for patients qualified in the state’s medical marijuana plan. How did CBD become legal? Hemp- derived CBD was legalized in New Jersey in August 2019. Many states moved to legalize hemp production after the 2018 Farm […]

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Is CBD legal in Iowa

Is CBD legal in Iowa?

The legality of CBD in Iowa is very complex. Generally speaking, CBD oil is not legal in Iowa, unless you are qualified for Iowa’s medical marijuana program. In 2014, the Iowa legislature passed SF 2360, to allow individuals diagnosed with intractable epilepsy to use CBD products with 0.3% or less THC by weight. However, Iowa […]

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Is CBD legal in Indiana

Is CBD legal in Indiana?

CBD with not more than 0.3% THC nowadays is allowed in Indiana under certain restrictions for the sold product. How did CBD become legal in Indiana? Indiana was one of the first states to ban the sale of cannabis without prescription in 1913. In early 2013, efforts were initiated to try and change the legislation, […]

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Is CBD legal in Illinois

Is CBD legal in Illinois?

While the state passed the Industrial Hemp Act prior to the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, the Illinois Department of Agriculture adopted a set of temporary rules under the Industrial Hemp Act in early 2019. Under these rules, the state’s definition of industrial hemp remained consistent with the federal government’s limit of 0.3% THC […]

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Is CBD legal in Wisconsin

Is CBD legal in Wisconsin?

In Wisconsin CBD is legal in general under certain circumstances. How did CBD become legal in Wisconsin? In Wisconsin, CBD has been legal since 2014 for strict medical use only. Since 2017 this list has been adjusted and extended when THC levels are below the regulated amount of 0.3%. At the same time growth, cultivation, […]

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Is CBD legal in Idaho

Is CBD legal in Idaho?

Until 2015 CBD was illegal in Idaho. After the Idaho legislature passed S1146a, CBD was legalized with no more than 0% THC for uncontrolled epilepsy. As of now, CBD products can only legally be purchased from everybody, if they don’t contain any amounts of THC. In Idaho there are a lot of CBD retailers and […]

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Is CBD legal in Wyoming

Is CBD legal in Wyoming?

On March 6, 2019 the state enacted HB0171 was signed into law. It gave the Department of Agriculture authority over hemp production and regulation. CBD oil, derived from hemp, is legal in Wyoming as long as it contains 0.3% or THC or less. There is no need for a doctor’s prescription. Where to buy CBD […]

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Is CBD legal in Hawaii

Is CBD legal in Hawaii?

While CBD is permitted for registered medical marijuana patients in Hawaii, the legal status of CBD is complex. The state of Hawaii does not differentiate between hemp or marijuana-derived CBD oil, as it deems all CBD products as cannabis by-products. Furthermore, specific health claims, regarding the efficacy of the compound are considered “false advertising”, and […]

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Is CBD legal in Georgia

Is CBD legal in Georgia?

Since May 2019 it’s legal to purchase CBD products containing no more than 0.3% THC. However, it is prohibited to sell CBD in food, drink, animal feed or dietary supplements.  Georgia has had a restricted medical marijuana program in place since 2015. Qualifying patients can access CBD should not contain more than 5% THC. How […]

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Is CBD legal in Florida

Is CBD legal in Florida?

Florida allowed the growth of industrial hemp, as long as the THC level stays below 0.3% and officially made CBD legal in 2018. How did CBD become legal in Florida? In 2014, Florida legalized low THC-CBD oil, but only for medical marijuana patients. It was only allowed for patients suffering form cancer, muscle spasms, seizures, […]

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