Is CBD legal in Wisconsin
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In Wisconsin CBD is legal in general under certain circumstances.

Is CBD legal in Wisconsin

How did CBD become legal in Wisconsin?

In Wisconsin, CBD has been legal since 2014 for strict medical use only. Since 2017 this list has been adjusted and extended when THC levels are below the regulated amount of 0.3%. At the same time growth, cultivation, and marketing of industrial hemp has been legalized.
Until 1958, Wisconsin has been the largest producer of hemp in the States.

In early 2017, penalties have been removed on CBD so consumers do not have to fear about legal repercussions. However, products have to contain 0% THC or otherwise consumers will need a prescription from a medical professional.

Is Cannabis legal in Wisconsin?

Cannabis is illegal under Wisconsin marijuana laws except for the limited use of CBD oil for medical purposes.

There is no current possession limit for adults 18 and older with a medical CBD recommendation in Wisconsin. There aren’t any specific qualifying conditions, however, patients need a doctor’s recommendation certification that explains why the oil is needed and permission to use it for treatment. 

Are there any penalties for using Cannabis in Wisconsin?

First offense of possession of any amount of cannabis is punishable by 6 months in prison and a maximum fine of $1,000. 


CBD, in general, is legal in Wisconsin. Medical use of cannabis is legal in Wisconsin, but only in a form of CBD oil.

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