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What is Cannabis Sativa?

Most budding cannabis enthusiasts notice that cannabis is divided into three different groups: Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid. A Hybrid is a combination of both Sativa and Indica. Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid belong to the same species with the same scientific name designated for all of the three. Cannabis Sativa is also known as Cannabis Sativa L. The letter “L” which implies Linnaeus, is the man who first named the species.

Cannabis Sativa has a known characteristic of growing tall with narrow leaves. Sativa is found in Thailand, Colombia, Mexico, and some countries in South East Asia (they’re the countries of origin). Cannabis Sativa typically thrives in very warm climates.

When grown outside, Cannabis Sativa plants can reach extraordinary heights of up to 20 feet. They have vegetation periods that are much longer than their Indica cousins. It can take a Sativa plant anywhere from 10 to 16 weeks to fully mature once it begins to flower.

On the other hand, Indica strains are generally known to be short and bushy coupled with sedating effects. The name, Indica sounds like “in the couch,” and this makes people remember it easily. The Indica leaf is generally fat unlike the narrow leaf of the Sativa strain. Indica originates from Nepal, Afghanistan, and in the Hindu Kush region of India.

Cannabis Sativa plants typically produce a yield that is much higher than that of Indica strains (3 ounces to 1 pound per plant), and this is because vegetation periods are so long. But when it comes to the percentage of THC, it is much lower than Indica on the average at around 12-16%. Most Landrace Sativa strains are often hard to grow indoors due to their long flowering period. For this reason, many Sativa plants often undergo cross-breeding with their Indica cousins to reduce their flowering time as well as their height thereby making their indoor growing feasible.

Effects of Sativa on The Body

When it comes to Sativa strains high with high THC and low CBD, the Sativa high is very cerebral. The stimulation of an uplifting Sativa high is perfect for anyone who prefers to consume cannabis during the day. For some individuals consuming Sativa strains high with high THC, the racing thoughts, as well as the spiraling mental stimulation associated with a Sativa strain, can actually increase their anxiety. This is the main reason people who are predisposed to anxiety attacks often go for high CBD strains. Then, the patient may feel Sativa-dominant alertness with only mild euphoria.

Medical Benefits of Sativa Strains

Generally, for the people consuming Sativa strains, the medical benefits that they enjoy range from relieving headache/migraine pain to relieving depression in addition to the treatment of ADHD, ADD as well as other behavioral illnesses that they may experience. Sativa strains are also known to be very effective in stimulating of appetite, thereby making them suitable for people who have anorexia, cancer, or other disorders, which may affect nutrition.

Likewise, after consuming Sativa strains, users possess a stronger sense of both mental and physical relaxation feeling in most cases, in addition to increased appetite, pain reduction, and better sleep. For the Sativa strain users, it produces an exciting head-high coupled with thought-provoking and energizing mood. Sativa strain also provides a boost to its user’s creativity and imaginations, which is the main reason it remains the favorite of many successful artists, musicians, and creators.

Overall, the medical benefits of the Sativa strain are very preferable, effective and could in some cases be safer than some primary pharmaceutical medications. Sativa strains work mostly on the mind instead of the body while delivering positive euphoria. It’s a common thing for users of the Sativa strain to laugh uncontrollably or giggle.

Sativa Strains and THC

All strains of cannabis have troves of medicinal benefits that each of them offers. Some strains contain a very high percentage of a substance known as Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the primary psychotropic compound that is active in cannabis plants. When it comes to the effects that a particular Sativa strain exerts on its users, THC isn’t the main determinant factor. However, having a thorough understanding of the genetic composition of the Sativa – is a good way to start for people that wish to make sense of the options available to them.


The effects that the Sativa strain generally has on its users is always mentally stimulating and physically relaxing. Users always feel uplifted, energetic and ready for creative pursuits as well as any physical activity.


The effects that the Indica strains have on its users is that it makes their full-body to be more relaxing. Indica strains are associated with a calm and sedative feeling that is beneficial to those suffering from insomnia.


This strain obtained from crossbreeding Indica and Sativa. Each Hybrid strain will obtain its effect based on the composition ratio of the two strains (Indica and Sativa). The one with the higher composition ratio will have its effects more pronounced in such type of hybrid strain.

High CBD

CBD, known as Cannabidiol is a cannabis compound that has medical benefits that are very important. However, Cannabidiol strains don’t possess the same psychotropic effects that every known THC typically possesses. The main reason behind the creation of High CBD strains is to provide users with a pain-relieving effect without making them feel “head high.” There are several kinds of research currently going on with the aim of studying the prospective benefits of High CBD’s capability to treat several conditions such as multiple sclerosis, arthritis, depression, diabetes, and many other diseases.


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