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Last updated on 27 September 2021

The CBD story of Giusy

I am suffering from drug-resistant epilepsy with absences, essential tremor (the cause is not yet defined!?) and paresthesia in my hands. (this is a consequence of epilepsy).

I started with a lower percentage of  CBD oil of Nordic Oil (since it was the first time I have ever used CBD) and now I use a 20% oil and a 40% CBD paste due to the complexity of my conditions.

I used to be a very healthy person. I couldn’t even catch a cold! My conditions started after I lost my father to cancer. “Epilepsy caused by shock”,  said the doctors. The pain of losing my father was HUGE but even more emotional was having to assist him during his last days, as he wanted to pass away at home and not in bed in a hospital.

The emotional involvement was too much … in fact, I felt as if I myself was “dying” as I was watching him suffer, unable to do anything to help him.

A few months after his death, the first epileptic seizure happened. From there, many more … and then came the hospitalization and diagnosis.

My epilepsy is not like most conditions.

My epilepsy affects both the left and right part of my brain at the same time. While it mostly affects either one side of the brain or the other. I feel absent even if I am awake.

I can be in the house and I can turn on the over (without knowing and wanting to)  and it will stay on until I recover from this absence or someone who is in the house with me notices.

At times, I  used to turn on the iron and not iron the shirt but my hand instead,  burning myself very badly!  My condition was getting dangerous.

In March 2019 I had a seizure with strong tremor for 6 long continuous hours. I seemed possessed! I had such a strong pain in my that head that I started crying and screaming whilst holding my head with my hands.

From there, I had to stay in bed for over 3 months. Someone had to be with me at all times and assist me in everything, even going to the bathroom. I didn’t understand what was happening to me! And from this episode, the essential tremor was becoming constant. From that moment on I get tired very, very easily. My memory started going as well

My husband, having seen no improvement after using prescription drugs, convinced me to buy a CBD oil. I was reluctant to try. But I had nothing to lose. What if what they said about his properties did me good?! Helped me? Then why not try!

So I looked on the internet for a website where they sell pure, unmodified, organic, controlled CBD and I found NORDIC OIL. I bought my first 15% oil and followed the instructions.

I took only one drop for the first three days, then two for another three days and finally get to three drops for each intake.

I felt an improvement immediately – 15 minutes after the first intake. I was so pleasantly surprised! I hoped the effect would continue. Because of the severity of my condition  I had to gradually figure out the correct dosage for myself.

This is how I found the correct CBD dosage

So I started with three drops every eight hours, but it was fine for 4-5 hours and then I started to feel unwell again.

So I shortened the hours and reduced it to three drops every 6 hours. It was better but I felt unwell again after the effect of the CBD wore off.

Now I take CBD oil at 20%, 6 drops every 5 hours and 40% pasta once a day. Specifically at night because it covers me more because my worst seizures happen mostly at night.

Using the oil and the CBD paste has helped me managed the tremor. Now I can eat and drink … while before I was being fed just because I trembled so much and drank through a straw because shaking all the head in the glass I could not drink and I also had difficulty in swallowing. Now I can cut a pizza and steak by myself.

The epileptic seizures together with the discomfort decreased overall.

I hope this testimony will help many other people.


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