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CBD is the main compound of cannabis without psychotropic effects, also known as hemp. Several medical studies show that it has beneficial properties in combination with the treatment of health conditions such as epilepsy, inflammation, pain, vomiting, depression, anxiety, insomnia, among other pathologies.

Some years ago, investigating the medicinal properties of cannabis in depth was a direct challenge to the law. These restrictions have since then changed, and modern medicine has conducted several studies and analyzes on the effects and benefits of this substance.

And, in addition to the already known benefits, scientists have discovered that this particular component could also help people suffering from Lyme disease.

Learn more about this disease and how CBD could be an effective Lyme disease treatment.

What is Lyme disease?

Lyme disease is a tick-borne infection that affects people mainly in the United States and Europe. The insects are carriers of Borrelia Garinii and Borrelia Afzelli bacteria, which are passed to a human host after a bite and are responsible for triggering Lyme disease.

Unfortunately, these disease triggering bites can occur in a casual way during walks in the woods, parks, and areas with lots of grass, where it is common for ticks to live and spread. Nevertheless, the one positive aspect is that this disease is not contagious, but, it can cause severe health complications if not treated in time.

In many cases, the tick bite is left unnoticed and the symptoms of the infection are associated with other diseases. It is, therefore, necessary to perform a laboratory test to correctly identify and diagnose Lyme disease and begin treatment quickly.

Symptoms of Lyme disease

Getting tested for Lyme disease, as soon as you suspect you may be a carrier to this illness is crucial, as the above mentioned Borrelia Garinii and Borrelia Afzelli bacteria are difficult to identify and eliminate from the body. In fact, they significantly compromise the immune system and often develop resistance to some antibiotics.

If you notice any of these symptoms you are advised to immediately consult a healthcare professional, in order to prevent any further or permanent damage caused by Lyme disease.

Mild symptoms:

  • Rash around the bite
  • Pain throughout the body
  • Loss of mobility in muscles and joints
  • Swollen glands
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Fever

Serious or permanent symptoms:

  • Severe arthritis
  • Constant pain in joints
  • Heart problems
  • Damage to the nervous system
  • Peripheral neuropathy or strange sensations in the extremities
  • Meningitis
  • Facial paralysis
  • Nervous changes
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Confusion

Generally, people with severe symptoms of Lyme disease develop psychological problems associated with depression, nerves, and anxiety as a result of constant pain or permanent damage to the body’s functions. For this reason, suicide is considered one of the most fatal consequences caused by this infection.

Can CBD help Lyme disease?

Many specialists quickly resort to pharmaceutical antibiotics when treating this infection. However, scientific studies confirm the effectiveness of CBD to combat both mild and severe symptoms of lyme disease.

These studies reveal that CBD has the ideal healing properties, making it an appropriate and adequate supplement to improve the quality of life of people suffering from lyme disease.

The CBD compound exerts an antibacterial effect1, decreases pain caused by peripheral neuropathy, reduces headache and nausea, strengthens the immune system, provides anticonvulsant properties and controls nerve episodes, anxiety and depression.

A study conducted in 20082 showed that the consumption of CBD rich strains rich can effectively fight the bacteria that cause Lyme disease. The study further observed that the antimicrobial effect of CBD is highly effective against bacteria resistant to antibiotics.

As a personal testimony, one patient indicated that smoking CBD regularly helped her to reduce the seizures she suffered as a result of this disease. Just like this, there are countless testimonies from patients who have managed to mitigate the ailments of Lyme disease thanks to the use of CBD.

CBD oil Dosage for Lyme Disease

The amount of CBD that a patient should consume will depend on the severity of the infection. For example, a person with mild symptoms and possible depressive outbreaks could take about 25 mg a day. For more severe infection as in the early stages where the ailments are stronger, it is advised to take about 45 mg a day.

We always recommend the step-up approach, as described in the book CBD: A Patient’s Guide To Medical Cannabis” by Leonard Leinow. According to this book, inflammatory diseases can be effectively with a standard dose of CBD or 10mg to 100mg of CBD dose per day.

It is advisable to divide the intake into three equal doses instead of consuming only one or two high doses during the day.  If your condition is not affected for the better after consuming the recommended CBD dose daily and you are considering increasing the dosage, please speak to a healthcare practitioner first.

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Although medical studies do not reflect side effects after consumption of CBD, it is advisable to avoid physical overdoses of the compound. However, you can experiment with the indicated dose levels until finding the amount that helps you improve your own unique condition.

Once the body adapts to the compound it is likely to notice a significant improvement in the Lyme disease symptoms. Nevertheless, it is important for a specialist to accurately advise or prescribe the appropriate dosage according to the progress of the disease.

What research says about treating Lyme disease with CBD

The CBD has shown its medicinal benefits for several years, and to give greater credibility to the use of this component as a treatment for Lyme disease, we can review some medical studies such as:

Clinical analysis

It is known that there have been no clinical studies associated with the use of CBD for Lyme disease. However, several trials have been conducted on pain and how this compound works to decrease it.

In 2013, a clinical trial on pain caused by terminal diseases such as cancer was conducted by British researchers3. This is one of the most difficult types of pain to tolerate and usually, pharmaceutical drugs cannot calm it down.

CBD showed to have a positive effect on pain, fatigue, and insomnia. In addition, there were no adverse reactions with the prolonged use of the compound. There was no lack of efficacy and the treatment was perfectly tolerated by patients with severe and terminal pain.

Similarly, a trial for headaches4, and migraines, which are also symptoms of LD obtained highly favorable results. Spasms are also common when this infection exists. The trial showed relief in the case of epilepsy and multiple sclerosis. In this case, too, there was no intolerance because of the long-term use of CBD.

These trials show that the most common symptoms of Lyme disease can be alleviated effectively thanks to the use of this cannabis component. Likewise, the psychological reactions associated with anxiety and depression are kept under control.

Laboratory analysis

Since 1958, laboratory studies have shown that cannabis has antibacterial properties, and in 2008 the CBD also showed positive results in this regard.

For many years, different analyzes of this type have demonstrated the anti-inflammatory capacity of CBD5. In addition, the researchers explain that its effects are evident quite quickly and thanks to an analysis of the year 2016 it was shown that it acts in a very similar way to pharmaceutical antidepressants.


To conclude, it can be said that a variety of studies and medical trials prove the effectiveness of CBD to adequately treat Lyme disease. Although further research is necessary, more and more patients share their testimony about the positive effects of this compound on their health condition.

Also, there are doctors who approve the consumption of natural supplements or strains rich in this substance as a compliment for patients suffering from Lyme, as long as they do not substitute the indicated pharmaceutical antibiotic treatments to eliminate bacteria from the organism and completely cure the disease.


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  1. Anna Oster

    Hi, I have been fighting this disease since I was 45 now 71. Felt so defeated, my parasite load was very high along with the all over body pain. To make matters more difficult, walking was almost nonexistent. About ready to throw in the towel.
    My son suggested CBD oil so I tried but little results. Nevertheless there were some results so I took a strong parasite cleanse and stared my CBD treatment a week later.
    My treatment consists of 5mg CBD oil and 230 mg of oil of oreganotwice a day. Also,I eat a healthy diet.I have re-entered the land of the living, no pain,mental clarity, walking more with use of a walker and the remaining parasites are dying.
    Now,I don’t know how long it will last. At this moment I have hope.

    1. Hemppedia Team

      Hi Anna!

      We are happy to hear that you have found a solution that works for you. Please keep us posted on your progress, we would love to hear from you.

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