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Last updated on 6 August 2021

Many of the properties associated with CBD have an impact on mental health. These include mental and physical relaxation, neuroprotective and anti-inflammatory effects. Therefore cannabidiol is used in anxiety patients and people suffering from depression or PTSD.

CBD for panic attacks – Nadine’s CBD testimonial

nadine quosdorf

I’ve been suffering from an anxiety disorder for almost four years. Some days I couldn’t even get out of the house.

Shopping was the worst. As soon as there were too many people around I had a panic attack. The doctor gave me tablets, of course, from which I gained a lot of weight. So I put them down again, the panic came back.

At some point, the right tablets were found, but I never felt 100% comfortable with them.

Through a conversation with friends, I came across Nordic Oil. I have been taking 500mg CBD oil for about 4 months now.

3 months ago I stopped taking my tablets, and voilà, no more fears. All in all, I feel much better. Before the drops I was always tired, no matter whether I slept for 2 hours or 8 hours, I always felt as if I was on a roll. Now, at 4 years of age, things are going really well again for the first time.

I am motivated, well-rested and well-balanced. Many thanks for that ❤️

CBD for relaxed driving in anxiety disorders

Julia’s CBD testimonial

About 10 years ago I had to be taken out of the office by the emergency doctor and brought to the hospital, the diagnosis: reentrant tachycardia. In other words, severe cardiac arrhythmia, which can be fatal in the worst case. Since then I have been taking beta-blockers daily (my cardiologist thought I was too young for ablation at the age of 30).

After the first “seizure” came the anxiety troubles. In the beginning, it was quite unnoticed, but in the course of time, certain things like driving became more and more difficult. I couldn’t drive on highways, country roads, tunnels or even two-lane roads anymore. Since I have to rely on the car to get to work, my way to work became longer and longer (by switching to small side roads) and I was already toying with the idea of changing jobs in order to have a shorter journey to work.

A few weeks ago, when I suddenly had panic attacks in a 30s zone, a real rage came down on me. I couldn’t believe that fear was limiting my life so much. So first to the psychiatrist, who naturally wanted to prescribe me serotonin inhibitors. But he also informed me about the immense side effects (including cardiac arrhythmia). And after a little research, it was clear to me that this could not be the right way. A friend of mine who suffers from similar symptoms recommended Nordic Oil. So I researched it again and ordered it after some reading. First the 500mg oil. I had also read that there can be interactions with beta-blockers, but it was still worth trying!

And, I can hardly believe it myself (since I grew up in a doctor’s household, I have an acquired skepticism towards natural medicine), but in the last 2 weeks, my journey to work has become shorter again! I’m slowly approaching the routes that are still relatively new on my “can’t-drive” list, I’m still anxious towards highways and big roads, I’ll get there. I am still nervous but the panic doesn’t come anymore. I’m waiting for the usual symptoms to go off but… nothing! I could have started crying with happiness when I noticed the effect already after a few days! Since I take the drops only about 45 minutes after my beta blockers, there seems to be no problems. At least subjectively I don’t notice anything (bad).

I started with 3 x 1 drop per day and gradually increased to now 3 drops. I also ordered the 1500mg oil and would like to see if it helps against the remaining nervousness. By the way, the drops already helped directly with the first intake: I just came from the doctor with the diagnosis that my thyroid gland must be operated, the howling on my part was quite big but arrived at home, I immediately took a drop for a test and already after half an hour I was much calmer 🙂


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