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Last updated on 5 August 2021

The active substance cannabidiol is said to have neuroprotective properties. CBD is therefore often used for epilepsy, tremor and Alzheimer’s disease. It reduces damage to the brain and nervous system and promotes the formation of new neurons.

CBD for vision impairment due to multiple sclerosis

Sabine’s testimonials

My last relapse with MS suddenly resulted in massive visual impairment of the right eye. Severe blurred vision and lack of spatial vision. Had both eyes been affected at that time, I would not have been able to leave the house alone. My residual vision was about 10%. A high dose cortisone therapy with 1000 mg methylprednisolone i.V. over 3 days brought only massive side effects, but no success.

After 3 months there was still no improvement and according to my neurologists, there was no hope for any… The alternative medicine doctor I visited then treated me with 3 x 3 drops of CBD oil 1500mg and after only 10 days the vision of this eye improved to 60%! Amazing progress and success! There hasn’t been further improvement ever since however we (my practitioner and I) keep trying. And every day I am grateful for my improved vision thanks to CBD oil – despite the fact that my conventional doctor pretty much gave up on my case.

CBD for Multiple Sclerosis

Jan-Sebastian’s testimonials

I suffer from multiple sclerosis and became aware of the CBD drops because I was looking for an alternative to chemical drugs. It was my little brother and his circle of acquaintance who recommended CBD oil to me. So I tried it out and was thrilled. I was not looking for a specific brand but rather for different possibilities and offers. So I finally came across Nordic Oil, which is relatively expensive but can guarantee consistent high-quality.

Of course, there is currently no cure for this disease, only a relief of the reoccurring muscle cramps and pain, and improvement of general well-being.

The reason why I started using the CBD drops is that they prevented the above-mentioned discomforts and at the same time avoided an intoxicating effect of THC. This last point is very important for me as a father, as I do not want to expose my child to any drug. Therefore CBD is the ideal alternative for me and my illness.

I would be very happy if many others with this disease would benefit from my testimonial. In addition, it is a concern of mine to enforce the financing of this high-quality product by all health insurance companies in Germany, since I see an enormous savings potential for in contrast to conventional drugs. Chemical medications are effective but have rather strong side effects. With CBD drops I vane not experienced any yet. I take this as a purely herbal and tolerable remedy. At the moment it is still spurned by the health insurance as a food supplement, but speaking purely from my experience I cannot confirm this.

All in all I would not have thought to find such a compatible and effective product. At the moment I have eight drops of 20 percent CBD oil in the morning and eight drops in the evening. And very important for me, I don’t need any additional medication.

CBD for polyneuropathy and diabetes

Ursula’s testimonials

I have had polyneuropathy in both legs since 1995 and my hands have been affected for 5 years. In the beginning, the disease wasn’t perceived as a burden because it started with tingling in the toes. In the course of time, a feeling of numbness developed, which caused an insecure movement – running is now an effort and requires high concentration.

But worst of all are the pains that have occurred over the last 10 years. The dull pain and the tingling and stinging can be endured, but the pains which drive like electric shocks into the feet are just unbearable. They come unexpectedly, mostly it starts in resting phases and sometimes lasts for hours. One is not able to grasp a clear thought. Sometimes one can blame the weather for it, but mostly one cannot notice any dependence on any life circumstances.

The pain is accompanied by spasms – not just calf cramps! The tendons on the legs up to the thighs are stretched like wire ropes and you have trouble getting on your feet.

I took Pregabalin, Gabapentin, Cymbalta etc., but Cymbalta was the most extreme medication I had ever experienced. It changed my personality and I wasn’t myself anymore. Even the neurologists I consulted couldn’t help me – besides, I’m at an age when the doctor makes it clear to me -” well, at that age what do they want!”- he asks. That’s what I want: no pain!

Apart from that, I am still well and I want to watch my adorable grandchildren grow up. I enjoy painting and do arts and crafts – my hands are very steady.

I have been taking 4x daily 150 mg of Tilidin, with unfortunately no positive effect on the pain relapses. Despite the “foggy” side effects, I was told to take them for a long time. My doctor prefers not to prescribe painkillers, because of the danger of addiction, and apparently because of my age. This argumentation is ridiculous! All this made me angry and I looked for alternatives, which I finally found in CBD.

From the beginning of February, I have been using CBD oil and drinking CBD tea. Starting with 500mg, slowly increasing, I now take 2000mg. I immediately felt an effect.

Since March I no longer have these severe attacks of pain, which came several times a week! Only a dull pain is to be felt, which does not in any way affect my everyday life as negatively as before. I still have the spasms, perhaps I needed THC for it. I really can’t believe how my life has become so much better because of it. The calming effect of the CBD is great!

I have only now told my general practitioner about it and she is very interested in how it impacts my conditions. I have written down all my progress promptly. The doctor, however, does not have any experience with cannabis products, because conventional medicine does not deal with this topic. She would like to prescribe it for me, but it is not a medicine. The effort to prescribe cannabis is too much for her, even if I get it as a private prescription.

The good thing about CBD is that I can adjust the dose I take to my pain level and condition, as there is no set rule on dosage. If necessary I take 6 drops of 2000mg CBD and I consider whether I should upgrade to the paste. If you have severe nerve pain, you won’t get far with just 500mg of CBD

I am a type II diabetic since 2005 and had to inject insulin and Velmetia. My glucose levels have improved so much that I don’t have to inject insulin since June. My blood pressure levels have also become more stable, and the future will show how related this is to my use of CBD.

To declare these CBD products as simply food supplements is not acceptable. The reasons for this are well known.


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