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Last updated on 16 August 2021

Here is the story of Lina*, a 54-year-old woman from Denmark, whose life has been transformed by CBD. Lina is suffering from multiple conditions, many of which have been improved by the intake of CBD. She volunteered to tell us her story and provided pictures, showing her drastic condition change.

“I have been given medication for hypothyroidism and diabetes for 25 and 6 years respectively. I’ve been medicated for essential tremor for 12-13 years. I’ve struggled with food allergy with anaphylactic reaction as well as allergic rhinitis (hay fever) and asthma. On top of all that, I have a skin condition called porphyria, which comes in the form of an attack which lasts between 18 and 25 months at a time, that severely affects the skin on the top of my feet.” – Lina explains

“I will start by saying that I have never smoked cannabis or anything related, so I was a bit sceptical when my Homeopathic doctor suggested I should try hemp pills” -Lina confesses, but she continues to explain why her scepticism was short-lived.

“The pills had to be tested, and not more than a few days passed before I felt an effect. I am 54 years old and have suffered from a lot of allergies from early childhood. I was vaccinated weekly for 2-3 years in a row between the age of 6 and 9, however, it did not help improve my condition. I have a sister who is 18 months younger than me and she went through the exact same thing. So it is safe to say that allergies go far back in the family. My condition always worsens in the summer and I have to sit behind closed doors for weeks with my air purifiers running constantly. That’s why I prefer winter now. ”

“But everything turned around now after I started taking CBD capsules 10 % (1 in the morning). I have experienced that my hay fever, as well as my asthma has noticeably reduced, attacks and I believe the capsules have reduced my shaking, especially in my hands.”

The improvement of her respiratory conditions was a huge step forward for Lina. These positive developments alone had increased the quality of her life, but it does not stop there.

“I have a hard time writing because I shake due to my essential tremor but now I can write short letters in capital letters, and I’m pretty sure it is the CBD capsules that are responsible for this improvement.”

Treating Porphyria required some CBD reinforcement, so Lina turned to one of our creams – Frejya and the results speak for themselves.

“A year ago a porphyria attack had just passed and the skin on the upper side of my feet have had difficulties recovering. But this time I’ve used the CBD cream Frejya, and the result has been amazing. The skin healed in a very short time and I am happy – imagine how painful it is when you have to walk on your feet without skin that is wrapped in a bandage, that is pressed into the wounds and must be pulled out several times a day so the skin could breathe.”

Lina was so enthusiastic and fascinated by the results that she shared some before and after pictures of her skin condition. To this, she added:

I’m sending you a picture of my feet when they are at their worst, so you can see that it is not a joke, and usually they are like this for more or less 1,5 years at a time”

Before CBD

After CBD

It is important to note that Lina followed the cream’s instructions as advised and only applied the product during the healing process, and not directly on the wound. She further explains that her skin condition does not allow any lubrication to be applied on the skin during that inflammation period, simply because the skin is too damaged to properly absorb anything applied to it.

Applying a cream to the open wound could result in further bleeds, therefore only air and time helps. “But when everything is over, – she continues – I have experienced that the Freyja cream was absolutely fantastic because it is so thin and delicate to the recovering skin, and here Freyja was really effective at quickly strengthening the new skin.”

As mentioned before, the allergy condition runs in Lina’s family. Therefore, after the fantastic effects, CBD had on her, she decided to spread the word and her son-in-law combat his pet allergy.

My son-in-law (39 years old) has had an animal allergy for many years, so we were a little worried when he was visiting for the first time because we have two cats. The CBD’s effect went beyond all expectation! He was able to sit down and even cuddled with them without getting red eyes or sneezing. He also started with the CBD capsules because of hay fever which is almost gone now. He has a son (now 11 years old) who throughout his life had eczema. He also used the Frejya CBD cream and only after a few days stopped scratching this skin and the red rashes disappeared.

Lina finished her story with the following:

“All in all, I would say that the people from my family who have tried Nordic Oil can definitely recommend your CBD products to others. Greetings from a very satisfied customer and user of CBD products.”


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