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CBD For PMS – Tanja’s CBD Testimonial

Currently, I take 15% CBD hemp oil. Since the birth of my daughter 3 years ago, I have been suffering from extreme mood swings with anxiety and panic attacks for 1 week before the beginning of my period.

After consultation with my gynaecologist, I was prescribed monk’s pepper (Chaste tree) and various B vitamins. I was full of hope and regularly taking these products, unfortunately, no success occurred and therefore I was back at 0 again!

PMS was slowly taking away the joy of life and almost destroyed my relationship. The last, I attended a lecture about CBD which I visited on the advice of a friend. At the end of this very interesting event, my spirits were awakened again and I decided to find out via the internet which suppliers sell this oil and so I came across Nordic Oil.

After so many positive reviews I decided to order the 500mg CBD oil. After taking 2×1 drops for the first time I soon in a positive and relaxed state. I could hardly believe it and was very surprised. I dosed 2×2 drops after 4 days and 2×3 drops after another 4 days. I was very excited to see how the condition would change in the future and what should I say, it was so much easier to cope with “those days”, especially because the anxiety and the panic feeling was significantly less. The joy over the improvement, I can hardly put into words

After I finished the bottle I ordered 1500mgh CBD drops to improve the effect and now I have been using them for about half a year and PMS has become a foreign word to me since then. I hardly notice my fear and panic anymore and when I do with a smile and gratitude that there is a solution or relief for everything!

Thanks, Nordic Oil Team for your efforts and your knowledge

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