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CBD For Epilepsy In Dogs

A Review By Karin & Emma the Pug

Due to the epilepsy of our pug Emma, I came across Nordic Oil on the Internet. Since Emma also has several herniated discs and a cyst on her brain stem, she now gets 2 x daily 5 drops of 500mg CBD oil. Nevertheless, we have to give her her epilepsy tablets (luminal tablets 5 mg). But we can completely do without painkillers. Emma is again a lively, cheerful and active dog through the administration of CBD oil. That wasn’t the case before. Her condition was already so bad that we thought of ending her suffering….

The effect came relatively quickly, within a week. After these great experiences, I also sent the drops to my daughter in Vienna for her dog. Her dog Lina had an eight-shaped tumor on her hip. Through the administration of the drops (strength and dosage as with Emma) this growth has clearly receded and (as later visible during the surgical removal) has become a necrotic tissue.

Here, too, the remedy showed no complete regression, but still no further proliferation. CBD Oil 500mg can never run out in our house. A great product.

Sola Gets Healthy Thanks To CBD


My name is Sola and I lie in my basket, in the semi-dark hallway. I am on the way to recovery thanks to CBD and I can sleep well again.

I am a street dog from Russia. In the kitchen of the house, my owner sits next to the wood burner and writes down my story.

She promised me not to give up hope because I would get better thanks to CBD. And to look ahead. So now she’s writing and recording my story.

I, Sola, am a little Russian street dog from Moscow. When I was one year old, I had a terrible accident in Moscow because I was not careful. In the middle of the six-lane street at the Alexander Garden in Moscow, where I was born, here is a pedestrian island. I dared to go there despite all the warnings. When I was in the middle of the street on this pedestrian island, I saw that the cars were starting again. Help! Front and back, fast and big, loud cars! I was so afraid and just wanted to leave and run away:


My owner found me in Moscow and took me to Germany. Now I travel in the car with her to many places where she works: Bremen, Berlin, Munich, Bonn, Ottersberg, Stahnsdorf, Rolandseck, Cologne, Nuremberg, Hamburg, Austria, Switzerland, and many other places.

As long as my basket and my owner are with me, everything is ok… Slowly I can even tell where we are going.

Why I must recover again, why I must be held with a harness in my hind legs, why I still have to take care of myself, why I have severe pain in my left front leg, that’s what I want to tell you now.

All these years I have regularly walked and climbed with my owner in the mountains, despite my disability from the accident in Moscow. I had the best time there. Mountains are pure freedom, good air, many animals that I don’t touch. But above all a lot of freedom and pure lust for life.


But now I can’t walk properly because it hurts and I will tell you why:
Four months ago I found a hole in the fence in the garden. When I wanted to force myself through there and continue walking, but instead I stumbled on a sudden slope. My front paw is no longer really stable after the accident and I can’t keep stable.

I fell down a meter and a half onto the hard garage roof of my neighbor. I was lying there and couldn’t breathe, and my back hurt so much.

Then I started howling and barking loudly. When my owner came, she wanted to lift me up, but that is not possible because it hurt too much. I turned myself onto my back…. Then she managed to gently pick me up and lift me back up into the garden. I could walk, but it felt as if a knife drives into my back.

My hind legs are barely moving. I howling and dragging my hind legs behind me. They feel so heavy. Again and again, my back wobbles from one side to the other. It was difficult keeping my balance. But I wanted to get to my owner again.

That has been around 3 months: I am getting pricked by needles, which somehow let me feel my legs again and give me courage. I am getting massaged and illuminated with a red light. Then I felt a terrible crack in my back and suddenly, I could feel my hind paws again. There are now three stitches in my back which hurt terribly with every movement. It is very difficult for me to fall asleep. I tremble with pain.

I now get given drops from a company called Nordic Oil, which delivers CBD to my owner. A lower dose of 500mg does not work so well for me my owner increased the dose to 1500mg and finally I can sleep again without pain.

I have a warm, darkened space where I lie like in a cave. I can’t leave it on my own. Whenever I want to get out, I bark. But I can at least sleep quietly and get the CBD drops three times a day with food.

Now after three months, I am allowed to go into the garden by myself for the first time again, without a harness, without a belt on my backside, which stabilizes my hind legs and helps me to walk. I am very happy and sniff the bushes again, without my owner having to follow me because she is having to hold me….

I slept particularly well this night in my basket! Life is beautiful again

Thanks to Nordic Oil, who provided me with the drops together with an excellent consultation for my beloved pet.

© Birgit Ramsauer, March 2019, text and illustrations

 Birgit Ramsauer and dog Sola
Birgit Ramsauer and Sola the Dog – Foto by Frank Johannes


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