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Last updated on 18 May 2022

As a doctor, people have often asked me if they can receive the same benefits from smoking cannabis, as from taking a cannabis oil

Here is my answer

The majority of people use the term “cannabis oil” to refer to a potent cannabis concentrate which is typically made using an organic solvent, like ethanol, and heat. The concentrate is extremely sticky and difficult to work with and is typically stored in a syringe that is used for oral use to ensure precise dosing and simple administration. The majority of people consume the oil through their mouths, by swallowing it, or permitting it to dissolve and soak into spaces between gums as well as the outer cheek’s surface.

The majority of these products contain at least 50% cannabinoids in weight. The typical dose is only a small amount that is about the size of one grain of rice or less, that could provide 20-50 mg of cannabinoids and then gradually increase in doses of several hundred milligrams each day.

I’ve heard many positive stories from patients who have taken this high-dose method to combat cancer. Other patients have reported success treating autoimmune and neuropathic pain diseases using these extremely high doses following low doses that didn’t work.

I frequently emphasize the effectiveness of extremely low doses of cannabis. I believe that the physiological effects of cannabinoids with ultra-high doses differ significantly from those of low doses. I often think about a trial with an ultra-high dose in rare instances when the low dose sensitization method isn’t working for my patients.

Inhaling a typical cigarette of cannabis produces 0.5-2mg of cannabinoids, based on the material used to start and the method of smoking. This means that you’d need to smoke hundreds of cigarettes of marijuana smoke per day to achieve levels similar to those who smoke cannabis oil. I wouldn’t suggest this! For the majority of people who don’t have respiratory issues, I believe smoking between 1 and 5 puffs daily is a safe dosage and an efficient delivery method that won’t cause damage to the lungs or the respiratory tract. In addition, I advise those who smoke to consider vaporizing or using smoking the “Switching from Inhalation to Tincture” program available on this website.

The use of cannabis oil with high potency is a fascinating development in the field of cannabinoid therapy however, I would like to emphasize that those who take the products have a a more risk of experiencing adverse reactions. I’ve seen people who have been using cannabis for a long time and are at ease with the psychoactive effects however, suffer a terrible feeling of delirium following the test of one grain of rice from these substances. Beginning with a small dose, such as one quarter grain of rice, and slowly increasing the dosage over a period of time, the majority will be able to avoid experiencing this by gradually gaining tolerance for the effects of psychoactivity. However, take care and consult with a knowledgeable practitioner!


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Nicole Davis is a integrative medicine specialist who focuses on sleep and fatigue. She has extensively explored the therapeutic properties of cannabis, and provides specialized treatment plans according to personal symptoms. Dr. Davis is passionate about helping people feel their best, and believes that everyone deserves access to quality healthcare.

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